Surface pasteurization

About Surface pasteurization (Post Packaging Pasteurization)


The system is designed to process cooked, smoked, and chilled vacuum packed products. Reducing bacterial contamination to improve product quality, increase stability, preserve freshness, and extend shelf life. In this new system the product packed in heat treatable vacuum bags passes a surface pasteurization process of circulation water in short cycle of 8 minutes at 85°C. And chilling by high Speed Cold Water Circulation. This treatment drastically reduces bacteriological contamination without altering product appearance and quality.  This process ensures safety to producers and quality to customers.




Product Stability.

Preservation of Freshness.

Extended shelf life (stocks level control).

Reduced product recall of spoiled products.

Compact construction (Saving Space).

Easy operation and maintenance.

Energy efficient.





Pasteurization For – Frankfurters (Sausages)

For Vacuum Packed Sausages (Frankfurters) Ready-To-Eat Meat products


The system is designed to process cooked, smoked, and chilled vacuum packed products.


Product Description

Our Tunnel of Fire offers a rapid solution for surface pasteurizing whole birds, large bone-in products, and deli meats. Our patented process is integrated after your product has been cooked and chilled to 35°-39°F (2°-4°C). Using multiple ring-shaped ribbon burners, our Tunnel of Fire completely encompasses the product surface in direct flame. Residence times typically vary from 30-90 seconds, allowing lethality to be achieved. This system can also offer the benefit of color and flavor development by extending the residence time to achieve the desired results. Due to the short residence time, core temperature of the product is unaffected, leaving it ready for immediate packaging upon exit