Modular Belt Conveyor

Modular Belt     

Modular plastic belt conveyors form a belt using hinged, interlocking plastic segments. These are sprocket-driven low-tension conveyors that use fewer pulleys than other conveyor system options, enabling greater design freedom. The plastic segments are easily removable, allowing for standard, cleated, open-air, and wash-down setups when necessary. 


Modular belts are constructed with modules molded from thermoplastic materials connected with solid plastic rods. The all plastic design promotes long life and superior performance in many applications. In specific cases stainless steel rods can be offered, providing high belt stiffness. Multiple widths are achieved by using a "bricklayed" pattern, which also provides high lateral and diagonal belt strength and stiffness.



custom modular plastic belt conveyors need abrasion and corrosion resistance and regularly move items of varying sizes and weights.

  Soft products
  sticky goods
  applications such as

cooling, washing, sanitizing, sizing , sorting, removal of “fines”     


all this make Modular belt conveyors ideal for many industries such as :              

  •    Packaging
  •    Textile
  •     Wood
  •     Food
  •     Printing & paper
  •     Glass manufacturing 


The flexible, high-performance design of modular plastic belt conveyors offers a wide array of benefits for commercial and industrial applications.


§  Customizable segments 

§  Operate at high speeds 

§  Positive tacking

§  Utilizes sprockets instead of pulleys

§  Easy to sanitize

§  Navigate turns and corners

§  Reduced downtime