Modular Belt Conveyor

Modular Belt     

Modular belts are constructed with modules molded from thermoplastic materials connected with solid plastic rods. The all plastic design promotes long life and superior performance in many applications. In specific cases stainless steel rods can be offered, providing high belt stiffness. Multiple widths are achieved by using a "bricklayed" pattern, which also provides high lateral and diagonal belt strength and stiffness.




1-     Clean ability

Belts used in food applications need to be easy to clean and comply with certain regulatory requirements. You will need to determine if the belt you choose meets the cleaning requirements for your application.

2-     Belt path


Straight and curved in one path

3-     Belt surface


Many surfaces that meets          Soft products
                                                sticky goods
                                                applications such as cooling, washing, sanitizing, sizing,

sorting, removal of “fines”                                               


Belt Material

Polyethylene, Polyethylene, Polyoxymethylene, Polyamide


And more special materials that Provide:

·       Excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalines

·       High impacts

·       very low temperatures

·       Abrasive applications.

·       Impact and cut resistant surface.

·       Heavy duty applications at dry conditions and elevated temperatures.

·       Reduced electrical surface resistance to reduce dust accumulation and belt charge-up.

·       Special additive which makes the material very well detectable (X-ray and metal detectors).

·       Low-flammability.

·       Resistant against oxidation and embrittlement.

·       Containing antimicrobial additive, with excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalines.

·       resistance against UV radiation, especially for outdoor applications

·       Extra wear resistant

·       Good strength and fatigue resistance. Suitable for heavy conveying applications with high impact load.

·       Good dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and high level of heat resistance.




·         Meat (Beef)

·         Poultry

·         Sea food

·         Bakery

·         Snack food (Pretzel, potato chips, tortillas)

·         Fruits and vegetables

·         Automotive

·         Tire manufacturing

·         Packaging

·         Textile

·         Wood

·         Corrugated cardboard

·         Printing & paper

·         Postal

·         Beverages and bottling

·         Can manufacturing

·         Glass manufacturing

·         PET manufacturing