Spiral Conveyor


Spiral conveyors are a great solution to achieve vertical conveying of your product and are widely used in a wide range of industries and different types of spiral conveyors are available to meet the different needs of different products and environments. Being vertical, spiral conveyors are a great solution where you have limited floor space.


Stand Alone System complete with Controls

Variable Frequency Drive to control speed or rates

Available in different height and diameters to fit your layout

Continual belt is equipped with automatic tensioning

Each tier can be divided into multiple rows for smaller products




·               Low wear

·        Low power consumption

·        Minimum use of floor space (  Lift heights up to 9 meters)

·        No moving parts - virtually maintenance free

·        Quiet running

·        Can be totally covered

·        Streamline production and Continuous product flow

·        Durable low maintenance

·        Eliminate waste

·        No belt lubricant required

·        Solutions for total product conditioning