Spiral Conveyor



Where grippers can't be used due to fragile product or where more accumulation is desired,

Spiral conveyors really fit the bill. Made of either modular belt for smaller products or motor driven rollers when accumulation is desired, a spiral wraps a large amount of conveyor in a small footprint.


Stand Alone System complete with Controls

Variable Frequency Drive to control speed or rates

Available in different height and diameters to fit your layout

Continual belt is equipped with automatic tensioning

Each tier can be divided into multiple rows for smaller products


·        Low wear

·        Low maintenance

·        Low power consumption

·        Minimum use of floor space

·        Lift heights up to 9 meters

·        No moving parts - virtually maintenance free

·        Quiet running

·        Can be totally covered

·        Streamline production

·        Continuous product flow

·        Durable low maintenance

·        Eliminate waste

·        No belt lubricant required

·        Solutions for total product conditioning

·        Variable speed and motor balancing system



·         Food industry  sugar powder,starch,milk powder, egg powder, rice powder, food dditive,seasoning,spice  etc.

·         Chemical industry fertilizer, detergent powder, sodium carbonate, talcum powder, dyestuff, rubber, PVC resin,  pigment, cosmetics, coatings, Chinese medicine powder,fiber etc.

·         Ambient cooling

·         Accumulation

·         Proofing

·         Freezer spirals

·         Elevating / De-elevating cases from one level to another