Flexible Conveyor



Flexible conveyor is a useful product where movability, manoeuvrability and flexibility is necessary to transport goods. Flexible conveyor can be wheeled over to wherever it is needed, expanded and easily positioned into straight lines or around bends to convey goods exactly where they need to be. When finished, it can simply be contracted and rolled away to a different area or stored for the next time it's needed.


Our efficient flexible conveyors improve transportation, shipping, and packaging.




They are Safer, Faster, and Easier, loading and unloading, in and out of the trucks

It can handle high impact, high volume jobs, 24 hours a day

They are powered to move in and out, easily, without operator effort.

They are versatile. By expanding, contracting, and flexing side-to-side, they can be adjusted to the needs of any operation. Use as a standalone unit or with other material handling systems.

 Storage space is limited or at a premium