Vertical Conveyor

Vertical conveyor

It is used to handling products vertically from down to up and synchronization (timing) it with other handling systems can be used in multiple floor installations to raise or lower unit goods. They are invariably part of an automated system with automatic separation, feeding and removal conveyors with safety interlocks. Their main application is for low-rate application not exceeding 5 to 10 travels per minute depending on the distance travelled. They can be used in a “C” (same side entry and exit” or “Z” (Opposite side) configuration



Fields of Applications

  • Airport baggage conveyor systems
  • Sorting and distribution systems for express delivery and parcel services
  • Conveyor systems for boxes and containers
  • Commissioning and shipping systems
  • Tire Production and Distribution

Elevators are modular design, for quick, easy installation, modification and they are multifunctional, so they are versatile to combine for different tasks. Their durability ensures they require little maintenance and have a high degree of operational availability.