Scrap Conveyor


The steel belt conveyor is the most versatile of conveyors; it can be used to handle nearly every kind of part and all types of scrap.  Other common names for these conveyors are Piano Hinge Conveyors, Hinged Belt Conveyors and Hinged Slat Conveyors. Most applications involve handling metal, with the material often dropping with an impact that other conveyors could not withstand.

Two and one half pitch models handle most applications. Often,  four and six inch pitch steel belt conveyors are needed for larger scrap, castings, forgings  and any applications with heavy loads or long runs.


Sanam offers a complete line of engineered conveyor solutions for your stand-alone

Scrap Handling application or Central System.

To accommodate the wide variety of scrap handling situations found in industry,

These include hinged steel belts, drag flight / scraper chains, combo-belts, engineered chain, slat,  wire mesh or multi-ply belts.

Belts can be manufactured in a variety of widths ranging from 3” to 96”, and lengths from a few feet to hundreds of feet.

Conveyors can be horizontal or elevate to 50 feet or more.

Whether the material to be handled is light or heavy, hot or cold, large or small, wet or dry,

Sanam has a solution for you.

The hinged belt conveyor provided by sanam is the ideal means of transportation for  stamping scrap, pressings, trimming scrap, stack of sheets, refuse and other waste,  die-cast components as well as cold and warm forgings.  


Hinged plates with sheet thicknesses from 5 mm and thicker. The overlapping side edges adjusted to the requirements of each application (division of the belt and conveying different types of materials) .Special wear belts for conveying of hot forgings. Conveying belts are freely accessible once the cover panel has been removed . Easy, cost-saving maintenance .

These are manufactured using top grade material that ensures their durability and performance.

The material of the belt can be selected based on the application from High Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.

Boxed frame of extruded aluminum prevents frame racking and adds strength

Stainless steel bed plate for added durability on belted conveyors

Low profile, space saving designs

Fully enclosed bearing for protection from the harsh environments

T-Slots allow customers to mount any guiding or accessories that they might need in their conveyor systems

Modular metal working belt and open frame design for cooling and draining