Turn Table




They can be used in packing stations at the end of belt conveyor lines to store packages or bottles.

They could be self-powered, or driven from the conveyor, or

The top surface is made of stainless steel 304 or 316 by request





Product Lines : Heavy Lifting Technology

  • Safe and controlled rotation of heavy loads
  • Easily change rotation direction
  • Capacity: 200 tons with one cylinder
  • Compact size for use in applications with limited space
  • Compatible with standard Enerpac pumps
  • Hardwood surface.
  • Cylinder modelnumber: BRD259-ETT


Model Number

Capacity (kN)

Cylinder Capacity (kN)

Cylinder Oil Capacity, Advance (cm3)

Cylinder Oil Capacity, Retract (cm3)

Number of Cylinders

Rotation per Stroke (degrees)

Weight (kg)




 Platform Diameter :  (mm)

Dimension H:  (mm)

Dimension L   (mm)

Dimension W   (mm)