Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor


Wire mesh belt conveyors can be used in a variety of conditions

hot, cold, or oily products in oven, cooling, carrying cold items from a freezer ,  hot food items or other special conditions

A variety of belt types can be used depending on the application.

It’s designed to interface with existing conveyor systems and is custom engineered from standard components.


Our wire mesh conveyors transfer hot or wet products while adding flexibility to your processing line.  Available as a standalone conveyor or as part of a turn-key processing or cooking system, our wire mesh conveyors provide a high-performance, easy-to-clean transfer system where drying or cooling is necessary.


Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors are custom manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes for your application requirements

Belting offered in carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel options

Type of mesh belt determined by application, drive systems, safety equipment and controls



·         Parts handling

·         Cooling

·         Quenching

·         Forging

·         Bulk Material Handling

·         Casting

·         Feeder/Transfer