Wheel Conveyor

Like a Chute Conveyor, a Wheel Conveyor is designed to move material and it also relies on gravity like a Chute Conveyor. By design, a Wheel Conveyor is ideal for the following circumstances and situations : 

§  Unit + On-Floor + Accumulate

§  Uses a series of skate wheels mounted on a shaft (or axle), where spacing of the wheels is dependent on the load being transported

§  Slope for gravity movement depends on load weight

§  More economical than the roller conveyor

§  For light-duty applications

§  Flexible, expandable versions available

§  Pallet loads when bottom boards are parallel or perpendicular to the rollers



It can operate(work) in many places :


• Warehousing & Distribution                                                                                             

• Manufacturing

            • Order Fulfillment

• Aerospace

• Government Military & Agency

• Automotive

• Parcel Handling

• Appliance

• Cabinetry & Furniture

• Food & Beverage



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