Roller Conveyor


What is roller conveyor system?


Roller conveyors are a series of rollers supported within a frame where objects can be moved either manually, by gravity, or by power. ... A roller conveyor system can be configured to work with a range of ancillary equipment including bends, gates, and turntables


Roller Conveyor Types:-


Ø  Freewheel Rollers are used to carry lightweight packages or when operation require lightweight sections


Ø  Chain Rollers are a medium duty chain driven roller conveyor and its ideal for light to medium duty pallet handling or oily conditions which are not suitable for belt driven roller


Ø  Accumulation Rollers are designed to handle heavily loaded pallets or racks



Roller Conveyors Specifications :-


·         Flow Can Be reversed

·         Conveyor Can be curved in (30° - 45° - 60° - 90° )

·         Variable speed

·         Electrostatic Coating steel frame

·        Stainless Steel frame Both ( 304 - 316 )

·         Roller Can be powder painted , galvanized or stainless steel